Although I am from the Seattle area, I currently live and work in Los Angeles. You may know me as Mashanda Scott, but I am now married to Ben Lazarus.

I received my BFA from Art Center College of Design in 2009. Since then, my work has been shown at CURIO by Anne Faith Nicholls, Flower Pepper Gallery, the Los Angeles Art Walk twice, "Play Together" at Flock Shop, and "I'm an Animal" at Black Maria Gallery.

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With my sculptures, my aim is to replicate (as closely as possible) functional everyday objects in an opposite material, rendering them useless.  Through the loss of function, form gains importance.

I tend to choose objects that I am familiar with, but whose beauty I have ignored.  I love objects that are well worn and used, with scrapes and paint splatters.  The details are important, and I love discovering them as I explore the object. 

My sculptures start with careful planning, including measuring and photographing the object, but I enjoy the challenge of tackling problems as they arise.  Some shapes are more difficult to replicate than others.  I have found that a thick faux suede material works for most of my needs, as it holds its shape but conforms to others, can be sanded, painted and abused. 

My goal is to continue to challenge myself with more intricate and larger objects.  As I work, I am ultimately pleased with the imperfections, as they are proof of the human touch.