Born in Los Angeles, raised in Seattle, back in Los Angeles. 

I received my BFA from Art Center College of Design in 2009. Since then, my work has been shown at CURIO by Anne Faith Nicholls, Flower Pepper Gallery, the Los Angeles Art Walk twice, "Play Together" at Flock Shop, and "I'm an Animal" at Black Maria Gallery.

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My work is non-binary. It is my physical representation of the bridges between art and craft, masculine and feminine, mundane and fantastic. It is an ode to handiwork and technical skill, as well as an exercise in problem solving and repetition.

It is intended to impress, fool, and confuse. It is trickery in the most chaotic good sense: the reveal should delight the viewer.

With regard to my sculptures, my technical aim is to replicate (as closely as possible) functional or meaningful recognizable objects in an opposite material, rendering them useless.

I tend to choose objects that I am familiar with, but whose beauty is easily ignored.  I love things that are well worn and used, with scrapes and paint splatters.  The details are incredibly important, and I love discovering them as I explore the object. 

I start each sculpture with both careful planning and a daring leap into the unknown. I start by measuring and photographing the object, but I enjoy the challenge of tackling the structural problems as they arise.

It straddles the void between desperately wanting to please and not giving a fuck. It is nonfunctional but beautiful. It calls to attention the illusion of life, the gap between reality and imagination. It both comforts and unsettles. To me, it is both drudgery and play.

My goal is to continue to challenge myself with more intricate or larger projects.  As I work, I am ultimately pleased with the imperfections, as they are proof of my humanity.